The 2022 SARL Blue Book

The SARL Contest Manual

The DRAFT 2022 SARL Diary of Events

The Blue Book?

This is the twentieth edition of the Blue Book, the South African Radio League Contest Manual containing the rules of the following contests and activities. The first contest manual was published with a blue cover – that is where the Blue Book comes from!Each contest’s rules need to be read in conjunction with the General Rules contained herein.

We would like to express our grateful appreciation to the willingness of the contest committees to run the various contests for the year 2022. We have solicited help to integrate their inputs into both the separate contests and the general rules. By incorporating several common features into the General Rules, we have greatly simplified the individual contest rules.

The perpetual dates will eliminate guesswork as to when a particular contest will take place in the future, as they are now all tied down to a specific day or weekend of a month.

Only the address as stated in the rules should be used for log submissions! Please circulate the Blue Book amongst your amateur friends.

This document is not cast in concrete – dates of contests and activities may change.

Please note that the various Contest Committees cannot be held responsible for the propagation conditions during a contest!

Send comments to contest@sarl.org.za

Good contesting,

SARL Contest Committee

Ethics and Operating Procedure for the Radio Amateur (English) IARU 3rd edition 2 Jan 2009


Band Plans http://www.sarl.org.za/public/licences/bandplan.asp

HF Happenings Newsletter https://sarlnewsbulletin.wordpress.com/hfhappening

This Contest Manual is an official South African Radio League document and counts as a justification for being absent over weekends.

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